Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Post-flight update

Well, I really turned a corner on Sunday. No pain whatsover, and only some stiffness (and decreasing at that) upon prolonged sitting.

A very long day yesterday. I raced down to the Marienplatz in a cab at 8 AM to get Mateo his German National Team "away" soccer jersey. It is a pretty cool red and black one. Then it was off to the airport at 10:30.

First, our leg on British Airways to London had somehow been cancelled, but the agent just put us on the flight - said this happened with American all the time. I made sure that we were to have wheelchairs waiting there, but alas there were none, so we had to hoof it over to the American terminal, which is a pretty far walk. I actually welcomed the walk after sitting, but my Mom would have preferred a wheelchair.

After a two-hour layover, we got on the flight to JFK. That was a little over 7 hours. I slept very briefly, and got up and moved around every hour or so. We got into JFK at 7:20 PM, and then had a layover until 10:30 PM, when we took American Eagle (small plane) to Washington, DC. Just a 45 minute flight. It was great to see Danielle and Mateo (who insisted on waiting up) at the airport.

So the entire day was about 22 hours, since we did not actually walk into the house until about midnight (6 AM Munich time). I am glad to be able to report that I had NO PAIN during this trip. Some stiffness from sitting, but no pain. And this after a 22 hour day, dealing with lots of sitting, handling suitcases, etc.

As I write this on Tuesday morning, I have not taken pain meds for about 18 hours and feel fine. No pain, and dramatically decreased stiffness. So, I'm feeling good about everything at this point. I have to remember to take it easy!! Even though I feel great, I will probably just hang out today, and let my body recover.

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