Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday morning update

We´ll be venturing out today, finally. Headed to the Marienplatz. My back is feeling good this morning. Over the last 2-3 days I had been having some pain, with the accompanying pain-avoiding posture. It appeared mostly after sitting for long periods. So, last night, I decided to try to go a 24-hour Alleve regimen - I felt great when I woke up last night, and so far this morning.

I don´t even really notice the incision anymore - pain 99% gone. My left leg is still weaker than my right leg, and my walking stride is not yet quite normal. It is slower, and more shuffling than before - again, very common post-op. All in all, I can´t really complain nine days post-up.

Tomorrow, we have our 16 hour return (including layovers) to Washington. We flew here on frequent flyer miles - in retrospect, paying for a direct flight would have made more sense.

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mmglobal said...

Kirk, you are probably getting ready for your flight now. I'm so glad to hear that you are recovering so nicely. If you are talking about using Alleve for your pain management regimen, that is as good as it gets. The flight may kick your butt, but that's OK... I hope to hear that you continue to improve at a rapid rate and you get back to normal soon.

All the best... talk to you soon,