Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday update

I had my last consultation with Dr. Zeegers today, before our flight home on Monday. That's him in the picture with me. Everything is going well. The weakness in the left leg is much better and hardly noticeable.
I also picked up some pain meds from the pharmacy for the 16-hour (including layovers) flight home, just in case.
Then I had physical therapy. I had been having some difficulty getting up from sitting, but today's therapist showed my some spine/pelvic rolling exercises, right at the end of our session, which helped immensely. I wish they had shown me the first day. After doing them I stood right up as if my back was normal. Amazing.


mikezoe said...

Great story! Nice to see pic with Dr Z. Does he expect to see you for a check-up at some time?

Cindylou said...

Kirk, great pic, but where's your back brace??!

God speed!


slackwater said...

Your picture with Dr. Zeegers is good to see. You have a small smile. Travel safely on the way home. Best wishes,

Kirk and Danielle said...

Cindy lou,

Took off the back brace for the picture. I´m vain, did not want to look too fat!


Kirk and Danielle said...


No, I will get x-rays in the U.S. in three months and email them to him. I hope to never see Dr. Zeegers again, unless I skiing in Germany or something and stop by for a visit!!


Cindylou said...

Ha-ha!! Don't blame you!! Not the most flattering piece of adaptive equipment!