Friday, February 15, 2008


I am almost ten hours post-op. All went well. Dr. Zeegers is pleased. He showed me the films, which look good. The discs he took out were "worn out".

I have some numbness in my left hand - not sure what that is about. The old back twinges are gone. Incision hurts a bit, but not too bad. Haven't had to ask for any pain meds. Can get up on my own and walk to the bathroom. Haven't ventured into the hall yet.

Sorry, this isn't a great literary effort, but I am still pretty wiped out.

Thanks for all the good wishes!


mikezoe said...

Great news! Amazed you're not needing painkillers. I had a call from Dr Z myself at about 6pm UK time about my case! Wants to see my MRI pics. Hope all goes well tonight and look forward to reading more over weekend.
Mike C.

Kirk and Danielle said...

That's great, Mike. I reall hope it works out for you.